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Jul. 13th, 2004 @ 12:07 pm (no subject)
i hate you and no one cares about your birth day
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Jul. 12th, 2004 @ 07:40 pm whats new!
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okidoki! yea my birthdays comin up on thursday...its gonna be FunN FunN! yea joy and kristen are comin over kats gonna be in NeW YorK! awesome but she cant come but oh well! i love her! Kelsey...undecided : \ OH! WELl! if she cant i still love her anyways! me and kelsey called this guy and it was sooo funny! we didnt even know him we pretended to be moms and yelling at him saying he raped our daughters...loL! WeLl that was soo funny Kelseys all my daughter shouldnt have to go through this blah blah! lol! I LoVe Kels...Yea my party is a pool party...hehe then we r seein a movie~ I am 14 soon lol! how fun !!!!! but yes ... I love ashlee simpson! Shes so awesome... My shows getting me by this summer are the ashlee simpson show, quintuplets, simple life 2.... thats it I dont watch tv that much it bores me...NewPort! SCREW U! newport is like THE stupidest show E.V.E.R.! lol iit is ! hehe but yea i get paid $50 a week for babysittin and stuff...whch is very cool! I love my mama! My moms such a cutie! I duno why but I think my mom is adorable...and strong! I am movin to Stetson Hills so yea that'll be like in August...yea and Sara i guess wants us to be friends atleast thats what i think since she said it in an entry and stuff I dont know if I want that exactly I would like to kno what exactly she wants...plus she sends me cards and so i duno I am sick of fighting i am not a mean person and i dont like having to act like one...once u get to me I am purty cool i think well i am a good friend i beleive...but i duno if thats what every1 else thinks but my opinion is the only one that counts... I had an awesome fourth of July me and joys family went up to fort carson and watched the fire works and me and ralisha sumo wrestled it was soo funny but hard! and i was wearing a skirt! scary what if I had shown! loL! i duno it was fun anyways and some guy and me were having this butt joke thing it was funny he kept putting hius butt on my elbow cuz i had accidently touched it lol! ralisha and joy wanted me to smack his butt loL! i spent last week with my dad it was kinda weird but i duno i think he really is trying to be there but who knos of hes changed...well thats it better close LoVE yall! xOxOx! Stephanie...:::...
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Jul. 12th, 2004 @ 02:52 pm omg there a boy in the boys bath room
once upon a time....... ohk joy, steph, kat and i were at the mall for joys b-day,
we really had to go to the bath room, (steph and me)when we got to the bath room the ladys part was all occupied so steph and i snuck in the boys bath room, i went first since there was only one stall, i thought stephanie was still standing by the door so i start talking to her. i was like (ooooooooooomg i feel so much better)
then a guy voice was like im glad you feel better. then i her steph and joy saying that theres a guy peeing in the bath room, i ran out and steph ran in, she really needed to go. we could hear the guy talking on his phone saying (some girls are in the bath room, we all ran out laughing. it was so embarrissing. omg omg omg,

that is a memmorie i will charish forever

that reminds me of a time when i went to the movie with my cosin and brother shaun.......see we went to go see a walk to remember. when we got out of the movie we took a bath room break, shaun went in and amy and i waited, i decided that i should pee real quick, when i get in the bath room i see my brother standing there washing his hands, he starts scremming at (sara your in the boys room) i ran out and looked at the door. it said ladys room. shaun comes running out and i show him the sign. amy and i start cracking up and shaun fell to the floor so embarressed. to make things funnyier a group of high school girls were stading right there also laughing aat shaun....that is also a memorie i hope to charish.hahahahahaha

just thought i would share so more memories with you all.

fun fun fun, my friend kat is going to new york...well i dont think were friends i think we are just kool. anyways shes going to adition for a gossip girl movie. fuuun. i think she would make a great blair. i love gossip girl. its such a great book. if i were to adition i think i could be .......um no one i dont really think
i could be any one....except jenny she short with curly hair just like me. but she has like size d boobs. tear.....

i had a weird dream... it was about joy and ralisha, we all lived together and we were all really good friends. it was a fun dream, steph came over and we had a awsome girl sleep over. i wish things were really like that.
i now steph wants nothing to do with me....but now that i think of all the great things we did together (boys bathroom, dances, bus to 6flags, mall, holding each other hands in the hall just to freek people out) it was so fun. i really wish her and i could just be as close as we were. tear taer....sad huh

well later
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Jul. 12th, 2004 @ 02:12 pm to: stephanie
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i made you a member so now you can post.........
we rally need to talk
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Jul. 8th, 2004 @ 07:30 pm hello
welcome to the bubble bar, this is a communitey made special for
and kat,
this was made so all 5 of us could speak openly insted of our live journals,
your all welcome
and speak your mind
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